Vdb-solar is a branch of vdb-concept GmbH group in Bremen.

It was established in 2006 by members of German enterprises of the machine building industry and completed by experts of electro technology and photo-voltaics. Since then, the group continuously has been growing.

vdb-solar is specialized in the construction of turn-key PVconstructions for your internal needs as well as for feeding local electric supply networks.
Especially in the industrial range, we are in a position to realize constructions up to some mega watt consumption per construction Europe-wide.

With our partners we are able to refer to round about 25 megawatt of installed performance.

The computer-simulation used by us to develop the laying of the constructions and the calculation of profitability is based on latest software applications installed worldwide and approved and accepted by substantially German banks as well as by resident electric utilities.

Our aim is your benefit and reliability::

  • Expertise/highly qualified Know How, consultancy according to your individual needs and professional performance and implementation of your individual projects
  • Plant components coordinated in an optimal way as modules and inverted rectifiers according to your requirements
  • Customer proximity, optimal solutions provided, good and reliable order fulfillment
  • Turn-key preparation of the overall project according to your individual needs, of course also sub-projects
  • Economically priced realization = high profitableness and rate of return

We are sure to find and submit interesting individual solutions for you and are looking forward to talking to you.